Vicki transformed my daughter’s small cramped bedroom from a space with a permanent ‘floordrobe’ into a space that appears larger, has more room to play and is as pretty as a picture. We took out the large timber bed and replaced it with a delicate metal frame bed and added some new cushions and curtain ribbons to pull together the colours already in the room. Vicki reused every piece of furniture in the room with a few additions from around the house: a wobbly stool became a low bookshelf which supplied stability for the doll’s house on top. The most inspired idea was putting the bookshelf/toy shelf on its back adding castors and sliding it under the bed. Lily loves spending time in her bedroom, she makes her bed every day and the ‘floordrobe’ is now only the occasional piece of clothing. Vicki’s work is inspiring and creative, instinctive and resourceful; she has an eye for detail and a keen perception of scale and space.

Kate, Reservoir